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The Botanic Garden is located in La Hechicera, in the northern part of the city of Merida. It is a living museum whose facilities have been developed since 1991, when the University of Los Andes (ULA) granted an area of 44 hectares of forest to the Centro Jardín Botánico de Mérida of the University of The Andes. It is bordered on the northeast by a private land and the road that goes to Los Chorros de Milla; on the south, by the Alberto Carnevali Avenue and Las Albarregas River; on the east, with the Faculty of Forestry (ULA), El Barrio “La Milagrosa” and the urban area of Los Chorros de Milla; on the West, by the University Stadium and the Campus "La Hechicera" of the University of Los Andes.

Map of the Botanic Garden

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Fundación Jardín Botánico de Mérida. Av. Alberto Carnevali.
Desviación Chorros de Milla. 5101. A un costado de
la pista de atletismo de la ULA. La Hechicera, Mérida, Venezuela.
Teléfono: (58 0274) 417.32.90 / (58 0274) 416.06.42
Correo electrónico: fundacionjardinbotanico@hotmail.com / proyectoselva@ula.ve